Divorce Newsletter

Welcome to our divorce  newsletter  site, as an information and resource divorce advice website we try to help you through the whole divorce process from start to finish.

We highlight the areas that cause the most problems by offering practical solutions to help make your divorce smoother and look at the reasons why divorces can get very messy.

Divorce is never an easy time for both parties, its a final nail in the coffin of the marriage, and any love or respect for each person goes out of the window while you try to fight over your finances and of course a very important part of any relationship is the children.

Divorce Expert

Everybody who has been through a divorce is a divorce expert, again its only a one sided view, as there is always a winner and a loser.

Divorced people are usually very bitter, as the years of loving are quickly turned very sour and twisted in a short period of months, mainly caused by solicitors, while you need solicitors for the legal part, they cause most of the problems as couples could sort most problems themselves amicably through divorce mediation, but solicitors from both sides really just want a fee, so its in their interest